Panic Button and Driver ID beacon for GPS Trackers - protect lone-workers, young drivers, motorcyclists

  1. Comes with everything you need to get going
  2. Comes with our pro level service and access to our App
  3. Protect your vehicle and its contents
  4. See all your vehicles on one easy to use interface

Purchased one for my car, now got another couple for my bikes!

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Key Features

  • Panic Button alert System: Quickly alert emergency contacts with your exact location at the click of a button, great for lone workers, new drivers, motorcyclists and more!
  • Driver ID tag: Great for shared vehicles, company cars, families with new drivers and businesses
  • Easy to Install:Comes with a keyring and sticky pad ensuring the panic button is within easy reach at all times
  • Works with DrivePro.IO GPS trackers Compatible with our hard-wired and self-install vehicle GPS trackers

Protect yourself, your loved ones or employees

Drivers and motorcyclists are often in a vulnerable position due to often being in a vehicle alone in unfamiliar situations and our panic button makes it possible for drivers to quickly raise the alarm when they feel at risk or find themselves in an emergency situation. This helps give peace of mind to you and can also help inspire confidence in newly qualified or nervous drivers.

When feeling uneasy or facing a threat, drivers may not be able to use a phone to call for help but a concealed panic button in their vehicle or on a keyring can be easily pressed without being seen by others, quickly alerting you to their situation.

How it works

As soon as the driver presses the panic button, the alarm is sent to their emergency contacts via text message and includes information about the vehicle, driver, time the button was pressed, the location where the incident occurred and a link to live track the vehicle. You can then try and contact the driver, send out another vehicle or alert the authorities with the vehicles exact location.

The panic button can be clipped to a key-chain or lanyard and comes with a sticky pad allowing it to be mounted inside the vehicle within easy reach of the driver.

Own multiple vehicles? Use Driver ID!

As well as being an emergency tool, the DrivePro.IO Button also acts as a Driver ID tag, simply tapping the button once as you go to your vehicle will ensure you are assigned to that vehicle when the ignition starts, great to keep tabs on who is driving what across a fleet of vehicles in a business but just as useful for families with new drivers sharing the family car!

Works with DrivePro.IO GPS Trackers

The Panic Button and Driver ID tag works with DrivePro.IO GPS Trackers and has a range of around 40m around your vehicle, it uses the SIM already in your GPS tracker to communicate and there are no additional costs to your DrivePro.IO service. Up to 4 tags can be added per account, this limit will be increased in Q2 2021

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