Help & FAQ


We accept all major credit cards via our secure website powered by Stripe.

Once the initial credit runs out, you can choose Basic, Standard or Pro service level and pay monthly or pre-pay in blocks of 3, 6 or 12 months with a discount. Go to the Billing page in your account for more info.

After any included credit runs out you can change the service plan to an higher or lower level, you can then continue at the new level until you choose to change again.

You can have as many trackers as you want on your account, but different service levels limit the number of drivers you can create, all service levels come with at least 1 driver per tracker

Using your Tracker

You can see the current position, historical trips and lots of other interesting info via our Website or Mobile App, you don't need to install anything on your computer and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Yes! you can download the mobile app from Google Play or Apple AppStore, you can also access the website on your phone or tablet!


We have thousands of users that have successfully self-installed our trackers and you'll find helpful videos on our youtube channel to help you out too. Our Online chat is also available to assist you if needed. if you don't feel comfortable with our self-install trackers, why not try one of our plug and play units!

Our Self-Install trackers are designed to be fitted directly to the top of a battery under the bonnet and should perform well in this location, other locations you could use include: * Inside or behind Glovebox * Behind Radio / media centre * Inside Dashboard high up facing windscreen * Inside speaker / air vent housings * A Pillar * Inside brake light cover / boot lining


We send alerts via Email and Notification to your phone, you'll need to download our app first though!

each driver can set up a list of emergency contacts, if a crash or a panic button press is detected, we'll send an SMS to the emergency contacts for the driver, the SMS allows the recipient to track the vehicle in realtime.

Panic Button

The range of the panic button is approximately 40 meters, it will work for longer distances outdoors or shorter distances when inside buildings.

Yes! as long as you are in range and there is mobile reception, the panic button will wake up and send the panic event, when the tracker is sleeping, it can take up to 30-40 seconds to wake up and send.


To protect your vehicle batter the tracker will go to sleep a few minutes after the vehicle stops, when it is asleep, it will continue to monitor your vehicle for motion and wake up as soon as vibration is detected or the engine is started


We provide a function to clear logged DTC's from the car ECU.

Quite possibly yes, different vehicles provide different data, please contact support if you have a specific requirement

If the OBD port in your car means the GPS signal is not so good, you can move it to a better location using an OBD extension, these can be found cheaply online.

Online Chat?

Don't forget you can talk to a real human using the online chat function right on this website!