Classic Cars

Protect your classic

If you are a classic car owner and have poured hours of time (and piles of money!) in to your vehicle, you'll understandably want to protect it.

With our classic car GPS tracker, you'll receive an alert directly on your phone the moment that:

  • the ignition is turned on
  • the vehicle leaves your property
  • if the battery starts to get low

The tracker can be quickly installed and being very small is easy to mount in a descrete position ensuring the look of your vehicle is not spolit and can usually be installed in a few minutes, we recommend under the bonnet, in the boot or behind a panel.

The tracker will also allow you to keep a log of all your driving including your favorite routes, speeds, distances and running hours and you can also set reminders for oil changes, MOT or Taxing and even intervals for service items.


  • ALERTS: Notifications to your phone for Ignition, Low Battery, movement (eg towing) and Geofence
  • DESCRETE: Easy to install and hide inside a classic vehicle
  • RECOVER: If your vehicle is stolen you can track your vehicle in realtime to aid recovery
  • TRACK: Record all your trips and keep a log of your classic driving