Speed Monitoring

  1. Record speed second by second for the most accurate alerting
  2. Realtime tracking and an intuitive dashboard ensure you know exactly where your vehicles are at all times
  3. Speeding alerts directly to your phone.

With 3 kids that all drive now, I'm very happy I know where they are and how they are driving.

Father of 3


With so many vehicles being tracked in realtime, DrivePro has one of the most accurate sets of data about how traffic is flowing across the UK road network, not only do we compare your vehicle speed to the speed limit of the road, but also to how fast it is traveling compared with others on that road, this provides the most accurate detection of speed related risk.

All of our GPS trackers provide once-per-second recording of speed meaning that you can even find out if drivers are speeding for short periods of time, and its easy to check exactly where they exceeded the limit.

With our OBD enabled GPS trackers, you can even keep an eye on the engine revs and temperatures and ensure your vehicle isn't being abused!

Key Facts

  • 12,000 GB of driver behavioural data provides a detailed knowledge of the road network
  • Real timetraffic condition information ensure behavoural analytics are highly accurate
  • Detailed reporting ensures both drivers and managers know how to improve their driving profile

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