Driver behaviour monitoring and alerting

  1. Identification of poor driving traits with with driver behaviour compared against professional drivers and peers to idenitfy and reduce risky behaviour
  2. Detailed reports and easy to read maps allow quick identification and education of drivers leading to improvement of driver skills.
  3. Regular driver performance reports with feedback pushed directly to the app, with ranking of drivers within your organization

Within one month of deploying DrivePro Fleet to our company car owners, the number of excessive speeding events reduced by 92%!

Sales Director - AC Windows


Managing driver behaviour is a proven method of reducing risk of accidents amongst all types of drivers, and results in signifcant cost savings and happier drivers. DrivePro Fleet has deployed sophisticated analytics that ensure that behaviourial anomolies can be quickly identified and addressed.

DrivePro Fleet is powered by the same driver assessment and rating platform used by some of the UK's leading insurance companies and provides identification of harsh braking, acceleration, cornering as well as industry leading speeding reports.

Artificial Intelligence engines compare your drivers with national databases of driving data and accurate predict driver risk profiles, allowing you to focus training and education budgets and reduce the risk of accidents.

Key Facts

  • 12,000 GB of driver behavioural data provides a detailed knowledge of the road network
  • Real timetraffic condition information ensure behavoural analytics are highly accurate
  • Detailed reporting ensures both drivers and managers know how to improve their driving profile

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