Trip Recording

  1. Free app offering fully automatic tracking for vehicles and drivers available for Android and iPhone - DOWNLOAD NOW!
  2. Track engine RPM and recieve updates when vehicles require servicing - requires additional hardware
  3. Optional plug-in beacon provides automatic vehicle identifcation and full crash detction and reconstruction

I downloaded the app to my phone and was recording my business and personal miles within 2 minutes! Awesome!!

J Reed - JR Surveyors


DrivePro Fleet can be used with hardwired & OBD devices and with our full automatic app which can be paired with external hardware to capture engine information and with our own Bluetooth hardware to capture detailed driver analytics and crash data.

The DrivePro Fleet dongle increases the accuracy of driver behaviour events and allows full reconstruction in the event of a crash occuring and provides automatic identification of which vehicle a driver is using - perfect for multi-vehicle fleets.

The website provides second-by-second tracking of all drivers and vehicles and shows all risky behaviours on intuative, interactive maps along with a wealth of statistical information.

Key Facts

  • 10,000+ vehicles tracked in realtime 24/7 using DrivePro Fleet platform
  • Manage your fleet from any mobile or computer
  • Realtime data from all your assets
  • Analyze behaviour and manage your drivers effectively

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