Van Tracker

Sleep easier knowing that you'll get an alert directly to your phone if your van moves from your drive using our cutting edge Van Tracker

With our easy to install GPS tracker, you'll receive an alert directly on your phone the moment that:

  • the ignition is turned on
  • the vehicle leaves your property
  • if your van is towed away

The tracker can be quickly installed directly on the battery, under the bonnet, in the cab or behind a panel, it just needs 2 wires connecting and you are ready to go!

The tracker will also allow you to keep a log of all your driving including your favorite routes, speeds, distances and running hours and you can also set reminders for oil changes, MOT or Taxing and even intervals for service items.

If you have more than one van you can also use our app or website to see the current location of everyone and even assign drivers to different vehicles.


  • ALERTS: Notifications to your phone for Ignition, Low Battery, movement (eg towing) and Geofence
  • DESCRETE: Easy to install in minutes directly to the battery
  • RECOVER: If your van is stolen you can track your vehicle in realtime to aid recovery
  • TRACK: Record all your trips and keep a log of your driving