Vehicle Tracking For Resellers & Retailers

Vehicle tracking for Retailers, Vehicle Dealers, Service Centres & Installers

  1. Set your own pricing on hardware and bundle with your own services / installation
  2. Receive payments every-time customers you introduced top-up - FOR LIFE!
  3. Order hardware with deep discounts in retail and bulk packaging
  4. All backed up with our UK based support!

We are only a small service shop so the additional revenue on top of a service is a real game changer for us.

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Resellers & Retailers

Sell our hardware and services in your retail outlet, online shop, vehicle dealership, garage

When you sell a tracker to your customer, you are free to bundle additional months of service with the track as well as your own value-add services such as installation with the hardware, we supply you with an easy to use website that lets you build custom bundles and help with installations or you can simply let your customers activate their tracker themselves and you can choose whatever retail price fits your market - our price is always the same!.

On top of that, each time your customer tops up their account, you will receive a revenue share of the top up for as long as that customer is active. All your accounts and transactions are shown on the reseller portal so you can keep tabs on how your sales are performing, and we pay resellers every month so you'll get a regular income.

Key Facts

  • Flexible Purchase low overhead + activation charge for slower moving stock, or outright purchase of hardware
  • Deep Discounts from our RRPs and flexibility to set your own retail pricing and bundles
  • Revenue Share on all top-ups made by your customers for life

Example Pricing

You can order hardware directly from our UK warehouse, on payment, we will ship via UPS and you'll be up and running straight away. Hardware can be purchased at cost and then an activation fee is payable at time of activation (Option 1) or you can purchase outright (Option 2), we also supply our hardware products in 2 versions, either with 1 month service or with 12 months included, the table below shows indicative pricing, but contact us with your forecast for custom pricing.

DescriptionIncluded Period Option 1 Cost (£)Option 2 Cost (£)RRP (£)Expected MarginMOQ (Retail Packaging)
FMT100 Self Install1235.99 + 29.9964.9999.9935%5
FMT100 Self Install135.99 + 7.9939.9955.9928%5


You can add top-ups up to a maximum of 3 years bundled service at the time your customer purchases from you, you'll be free to set whatever retail price you want for the total bundle being sold, and we'll debit your account based on the top-up profit share. When your customers top-up their account, we'll credit you with your share of the top-up and at the end of the month we'll reconcile your account and transfer your funds directly to your account. You can use our reseller portal to see how you are doing.

The number of months being topped up is used to work out the reseller profit share, the table below shows the cut of the top-up you'll get for every top-up

MonthsRRP Cut
1 £7.99 30%
3£22.77 32%
6 £43.15 35%
12 £81.50 40%
24 £153.41 45%

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