Self-Install Waterproof Realtime GPS Tracker Device for Van, Car, Scooter, Motorbike Anti-Theft Tracking System with App

  1. Comes with everything you need to get going
  2. Comes with our pro level service and access to our App
  3. Protect your vehicle and its contents
  4. See all your vehicles on one easy to use interface

Purchased one for my car, now got another couple for my bikes!

Dave M -

Key Features

  • Powerful Tracking System: This GPS vehicle tracker is a powerful tracking platform that not only alerts you on your phone when your vehicle moves or enters certain areas but it also helps you in trip recording, speed monitoring, crash detection, mileage logging and not only that but also reports on driver behavior and more.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: You will find this tracker as the best technology available to monitor your vehicle. You can get real-time alerts when the vehicle enters or exits certain areas that you’ve already defined. Besides this, when a monitored event such as driver speeding, braking, rapid acceleration, etc happen you get alerts on your phone in seconds.
  • Easy to Install: This self-install tracker comes with everything you need to get going and its installation is super easy. With only 2 wires to connect to your car battery, you can install the device in a snap. You need to simply connect the color-coded wires to the matching car battery terminals and look! You are done!
  • Europe-Wide SIM Card: This GPS vehicle tracking device comes with a SIM card and service that works all across Europe for 12 months from activation. After the expiry of twelve months, you can still purchase the service month by month. Moreover, you can download our free Smartphone app too for real-time tracking with live reports and history. Therefore, feel free to loan your car or assign it to the driver as you can see the current vehicle location and receive alerts from your iOS or Android device.
  • Everything You Need in Most Competitive Price This motorbike and car tracker is rather a comprehensive and sophisticated system that takes your vehicle and drivers into the connected world. Once you plug in the GPS car tracking device you start knowing your car’s real-time location, trip histories, driving habits, vehicle health condition, fuel/emissions performance, maintenance reminders, and much more. It’s worth the money you spend.

Do you want to keep your vehicle and driver safe and secure in lieu of just a small amount of money?

Our GPS tracker that works for motorbikes, vans, cars, and all other vehicles best hits all the marks of a great vehicle tracker: unsafe driving alerts, geofencing, real-time location tracking, and way more.

Protect Your Car:

This self-install GPS tracker that includes a SIM card and service can work right across Europe. It helps you in knowing when your vehicles enter and/or exit a certain area. Unlike other products, this tracker offers a more powerful and any-shape geofence. You can also get driving alerts for speeding (above a custom limit), rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and rough cornering, etc. These notifications you can get on your all Android/iOS devices and desktop/laptop.

Easy Installation of this Compact Device:

With only 2 wires to connect to your car battery, you can install the tracker in a snap. You need to simply connect the color-coded wires to the matching car battery terminals. Our team of experts has managed to fit a GPS/GNSS receiver, GSM module, Mobile internet, and Accelerometer (Theft & Crash detection) into this compact device.

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