Supported Hardware

  1. Full support for Teltonika hardware, and discounted rates when purchased from us
  2. Device supply, install and management available
  3. Bring your own Devices to our platform - most trackers supported
  4. Support for Driver ID / Dallas Key on some hardware platforms!

We've migrated to DrivePro Fleet with our Teltonika devices and the process was expertly managed by the team

J Reed - JR Surveyors


DrivePro Fleet can be used with hardwired & OBD devices from a large range of device manufacturers and can capture a wide range of data from the vehicle.

The platform supports a range of hardware from leading suppliers such as Teltonika, Queclink & Vodafone Automotive and other devices can be quickly integrated in to the platform.

DrivePro Fleet can even offer a turnkey solution including device, sim card and fully managed installation within the UK and Ireland to get you up and running quickly - simply drop our sales team a note on your requirements - [email protected].

OBD Tracker

Our market leading OBD tracker is ready to go right out of the box, if we supply hardware, we'll pre-fit our own IoT specialist sim card that provides European coverage on multiple networks meaning your tracking will work anyware at any time.

Installation is quick and easy, simply find your OBD socket, plug it in and off you go! We can even provide you with guides to fiding your OBD port for most vehicles.

OBD means that you can also capture critical information from your vehicles for example:

  • Engine RPM want to know when someone is driving hard, get RPM based alerts
  • Engine Management / DTC see what messages are stored in teh vehicle ECU to aid diagnostics and reduce workshop time
  • Realtime Fuel Usage read the vehicle fuel level directly from the car
  • Other data we can configure the unit to capture other key data from the OBD port - contact us!

Self Install

This super easy to install tracker can be up and running in just a few minutes, simply connect 2 wires to teh vehicle battery, and use the supplied sticky pad to stick it to the top of the battery and you are done!

It comes pre-fitted with our own IoT specialist sim card that provides European coverage on multiple networks meaning your tracking will work anywhere at any time and you'll get state of the art realtime tracking

  • Easy install low downtime to rollout your fleet tracking
  • Accurate GPS includes highly accurate GPS receiver for high quality tracking
  • Excellent crash detection hardwired boxes offer the best crash detection
  • IP65 rated high ingress protection rating ensures high reliability


Are you looking for something a bit more bespoke? Use our live chat or contact us to discuss your requirements, we are experts in producing customized fleet tracking and telematics solutions that fit with your business.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers to find the optimum product to fit your needs and can even manage bespoke development to support new features or enable integration with your vehicle or existing assets

  • Driver Id? Dallas Key and BLE tokens supported
  • Record Trailer temperatures? custom solutions for reefer monitoring available
  • Need to remotely control your vehicle? custom installation and user interfaces available

Key Facts

  • 10,000+ vehicles tracked in realtime 24/7 using DrivePro Fleet platform
  • Manage your fleet from any mobile or computer
  • Realtime data from all your assets
  • Analyze behaviour and manage your drivers effectively

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