New & Young Drivers

Worried when your teen or newly qualified driver goes out? Have some peace of mind knowing you'll know exactly where they are and how they are driving.

Our mobile app and website allow you know what speed your teenager is driving at, see your teenager's location in the event of an accident or breakdown and also helps you locate the vehicle in the event it is stolen.

The tracker can be quickly installed directly on the battery, it just needs 2 wires connecting and you are ready to go!

You'll also receive regular feedback on driving style and can configure speeding alerts that go directly to your phone at the end of a trip. You can also set reminders for oil changes, MOT or Taxing and even intervals for service items - handy for forgetful kids!


  • ALERTS: Notifications to your phone for Speeding,Ignition, Low Battery, movement (eg towing) and Entering / Exiting a Geofence
  • DESCRETE: Easy to install in minutes directly to the battery
  • FEEDBACK: Get regular feedback on the driving style of one or more drivers and compare with others in your family
  • TRACK: See locations in realtime, record all your trips and keep a log of your driving
  • REPORT: Download trip reports for mileage, fuel usage, expenses and reminders.