1. Unlimited Geofences of any shape or size and realtime alerting
  2. Alert on Enter or Exit and record linger time
  3. Download our app to get psuh notifcations directly on your phone

I can find out what cars are at the charging station at the click of a button

Fleet Manager - Electro Cars


Geofences allow areas of interest to be configured and vehicles entering or exiting to be monitored, these could be job sites, vehicle storage locations, no-go areas or whole countries, simply draw the shape on the map and away you go!

Alerts are pushed via email and to the mobile app in realtime so you know exactly what is going on with your vehicles all the time, you can even run reports to find out how long vehicles stayed in a particualr area or what vehicles are currently at a specific site.

Geofences can also be used to protect parked or stored vehicles - you'll receive an alert as soon as a vehicle leaves the location so you can take preventative action or involve local law enforcement to recover a vehicle before it disapears.

Key Facts

  • Any size monitor areas as large as a country or as small as a driveway
  • Real time alerting to your email or via push notification to the app
  • Detailed reporting ensures both drivers and managers know where they are

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